03/03/2023 Zion战友采访作家、制片人比尔·斯蒂尔: 目前世界权力格局基本上是美国、俄罗斯和中共国相互争夺世界权力而形成的三位一体。鉴于中俄邻接边界达2000英里,俄罗斯不得不对中共国投怀送抱。左派人士想把俄罗斯推入中共国怀抱,从而让美国走向灭亡。

【NFSC @CPAC 】03/03/2023 Zion interviews Bill Still, writer and filmmaker: The world power structure basically is a triad at this point with the United States, Russia and China vying for world power. Since China and Russia share a 2000-mile-long border, Russia has been forced into China’s arms. Leftists want to push Russia into China’s arms, because that will be the death of the United States.


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