03/04/2023 CPAC董事鲍勃·博普雷兹:美国可以采用全球马格尼茨基人权问责法及Rico法案(反欺诈勒索及受贿组织法),制裁一小撮中共盗国贼,阻止中共进一步侵略。但我们有很多反对者,不仅是在政治领域,还有很多渴望与中共国进行贸易的公司。我们要抽干中共的资金,以阻止中共进一步侵略。

【NFSC @CPAC 】03/04/2023 Board of Directors of CPAC Bob Beauprez: America can apply the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, and also Rico Act, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act, to sanction a handful of the CCP kleptocrats and stop the CCP from further aggression. But we’ve got a number of opponents not only in the political realm, but also a lot of corporations that covet that trade with China. We need to dry up the money to stop the CCP.


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