03/03/2023 Sylvia采访加拿大Themoneymasters组织记者康纳·霍林斯海德:中共不只干涉我们的政治和选举,还干涉我们的私人机构和教育系统。很明显,他们给钱就是为了换取影响力。这件事真的让人非常忧心,所有这些钱都来自中共。

【NFSC @CPAC 】03/03/2023 Sylvia’s interview with reporter from Themoneymasters in Canada Connor Hollingshead: The CCP’s interference is not only in our politics and our elections, but in our private institutions and our education system. Obviously, they’re giving money hoping to get some sort of influence in return. So it’s a very concerning thing that we have all this money coming from Beijing.


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