03/04/2023 Ignite 45(数字营销公司)的首席策略师Ignacio Falco:这是一场信息战,我们应使用信息来武装自己,不论是机构还是国家,我们必须停止资助中共,他相信,一旦国共垮台,其他包括委内瑞拉等南美洲国家的共产政权也会相继倒塌。

【NFSC @CPAC 】03/04/2023 Lead Strategist of Ignite 45 Ignacio Falco @ignacio_falco : This is an information war, and we should equip ourselves with information. Whether it is an institution or a country, we must stop funding the CCP. He believes that once the CCP collapses, other communist regimes in South American countries including Venezuela will also collapse.


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