03/04/2023 Ignite 45(数字营销公司)的首席策略师Ignacio Falco:大科技公司对我们现在所处的混乱局面负有部分责任。我们都因深陷这种混乱局面而痛苦。我们的经济和教育都遭受重创。而这完全是由于一直以来的言论审查制度。

【NFSC @CPAC 】03/04/2023 Lead Strategist of Ignite 45 Ignacio Falco @ignacio_falco : The big-tech is partially responsible for the mess that we’re in. And we’re all suffering from that mess. Our economy or school systems are all hurting. And it’s wholly due to the censorship that’s been taking place.


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