03/04/2023 Ignite 45(数字营销公司)的首席策略师Ignacio Falco:在委内瑞拉,政府通过渗透私营企业,妨碍其经营,从而窃取私营企业,还通过禁止私人拥有两处以上房产来接管私人房产。在共产主义政权统治下,亲密的大家庭被迫远离故国,流落四方。

【NFSC @CPAC 】03/04/2023 Lead Strategist of Ignite45, Ignacio Falco @ignacio_falco : In Venezuela, the government steals private businesses through infiltration to the point of disrupting them and takes over private properties by disallowing private ownership of more than two properties. Under a communist regime, close big families are forced to leave their motherland for other countries.


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