03/04/2023 MAGA MALL主席罗纳德·所罗门:中共已深深地渗透进了我们的政府、教育系统以及各个机构。中共贿赂我们的政府官员,向教育系统和各个机构输送了大量的资金。美国的大企业不仅摧毁了我们在国内的机会,还在海外壮大和增强中共的实力。而且拜登政府对中共太过软弱。Tia补充说美国司法部也已被中共渗透,每个美国人都应认识到,如果事情再不发生改变,美国已不再是一个安全和自由的国家。

【NFSC @CPAC 】03/04/2023 President of MAGA MALL Ronald Soloman: CCP has infiltrated deeply into our government, educational system and institutions. CCP bribed our officials, donated tremendous amounts of money to educational system, institutions. US large corporations not only destroy opportunities for us at home, but also strengenth the CCP overseas. And the Biden administration is very soft on CCP. Tia added that the DOJ is also compromised by CCP. Every American should be aware that if things don’t change, America is not a free and safe country anymore.


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